A Monumental Journey is a sculpture by renowned artist Kerry James Marshall celebrating the legacy of African American lawyers, who, in 1925, founded the National Bar Association, dedicated to civil rights, justice and equality in the legal system.

The architect collaborated with artist Kerry James Marshall to achieve the colossal, geometric sculpture. The shape is inspired by the form of the African talking drums with one-drum precariously stacked upon the other, representing the notion of communication among diverse people and a legal system, while not perfect, that strives to be balanced. The sculpture stands 30ft tall embodying a sense of monumentality.

The sculpture is made of bricks, to represent the feeling of weight and balance expressed in the piece. The stacking method of laying bricks also related to the overall composition. The manganese iron spot brick chosen has a rich texture and tones of grey with a subtle shine due to the iron in the clay.

To coordinate brick installation, each brick has been modeled into a drawing software to explore best pattern solutions and laying starting points. An impressive steel structure has been fabricated to support the brick within this complicated tapered and suspended shape. Every brick has been custom made and hand-cut in order to be used in this application. The short edges of the brick have been shaved to follow the circular configuration of the bricks, while the corner edge has been trimmed to smooth the exterior geometry of the sculpture.

In this installation, brick is a sustainable product because of its proximity and its long-lasting quality. A product that can withstand the hard weather and enhance its aesthetic quality through time. All the parties involved in the construction were also sourced locally.