Pivotal design solutions and creative use of the four-acre site establishes the new Elementary School as the gateway marker to the rural town of Granger, Iowa. The design bonds with the immediate housing neighbors while maneuvering an unconventionally small site. Derived from the wings of the hawk logo, a sloping roof over the commons and gymnasium captures the eye while softening the transition between varying building heights. Playful pops of school colors introduce the exterior presence of the facility while maintaining strong aesthetic distribution throughout the interior. Large clerestory windows in the media center maximize natural light penetration while large graphics throughout the space keep students cognitively engaged. The media center is established as the core of the building, utilizing large sliding doors on each side of the space allowing the center to become endlessly explored by students while the large corridors following the space operate as learning commons. The facility offers wonderful transitions between vital spaces throughout the building, allowing multiple zones for building access to serve several community groups. The design team was able to realign the district program and vision to meet their budget while ensuring the design approach remained flexible and satisfying, engaging students with color, graphics, texture, and natural lighting.