Four buildings, constructed at the turn of the 20th century, existed on the site that is now 510 East Locust Street. Previous renovations resulted in one of the buildings being torn down for a parking lot, while the other three were used as commercial spaces. At one point the original architecture was covered with limestone and a plaster system. Being the only buildings with a facade not befitting the neighborhood, they were deemed a distraction to the successful rehabilitation of the area. At the time Durrant was retained for professional architecture services to renovate the buildings, the East Village was becoming one of Des Moines' most popular live/work communities. With new housing, retail and, commercial revitilizing the area, the corner of East 6th and Locust was doing more to divert potential residents and businesses than attract them.

Durrant was charged to combine the three structures into one cohesive building with facade materials appropriate to the historic fabric of the area. Durrant overcame differing floor, ceiling, and exterior facade heights to create an attractive structure for commercial and retail tenants. Located on a very visible intersection close to the state capitol and in the heart of the East Village, the building's presence now contributes to, and serves as a source of pride, for this "liveable community."