The Des Moines office of an international law firm chose to relocate to upper floors of a speculative office tower. The 27,500 square feet is organized on two levels connected by an internal stair. The 33rd floor is the public interface and reception level for the firm. The 34th floor is dedicated to attorney and staff offices, administration, and service spaces.

The plan for both levels was organized into three primary layers: perimeter, administration/circulation, and core. The perimeter is a band of private spaces. The wall separating this layer from the circulation/administration is a translucent glass wall with deep wood mullions. This wall transmits daylight into the interior. The circulation/administration layer provides a clear path throughout the floor punctuated with works of art from the firm’s collection. The width of this layer is modulated – widening into bright administrative areas and narrowing into dedicated passageways. Contrasting with the wood and glass wall is a ribbon wall that wraps the core. This ribbon veils a collection of offices and service spaces and adds a visual richness to the experience of moving through the space.

The result is a unique and creative identity for the firm. From the perimeter to the inner core, the interior offers expansive views of the surrounding area, fills the public spaces with daylight, and showcases the firm’s collection of notable artwork – many commissioned specifically for the space.