The fast-growing industrial technology program at MMCRU School District in Marcus, Iowa was bursting at the seams. The limited space meant a limited number of courses for students. Wanting to expand the course offerings and provide more opportunities to their students, a new addition was necessary. The goal was to enhance this program and transform the perception of a dark, stale “shop.” The project would be a source of pride for the school district and a resource that could positively impact students from all around the region. Following the staff’s vision, we broke down that stereotypical “shop” identified with most CTE spaces by introducing expansive windows, purposeful use of color, and a material palette that not only reflected the functional needs of the space but also the industrial aesthetic of the programs. The interior spaces focused on the most important aspect of the CTE instructor’s vision – flexibility. With numerous educational opportunities available to students, the space needed to be flexible to accommodate the group of students each year – woodworking might be popular this year, while welding could yield a larger group next year. The large windows ensure natural daylight is available to students. A single, large IT classroom (created from two existing classrooms) is connected to the new CTE space with a large ceiling feature – a seamless connection between the “learning” environment and the “doing” environment. The exterior speaks to the industrial and technological aesthetics of the program. The functional and durable materials will keep the CTE program running for years to come, while the use of color and texture in the metal panels and screens create visual interest. The most impressive feature of the exterior, the oversized bi-folding door, combines standard architectural materials with impressive engineering – providing a unique new “front door” to the addition.