Historically this neighborhood centered on a vibrant commercial street that supported several blocks of surrounding single-family residences. Over time, the storefronts have been infilled + now several buildings on the commercial block are unused + falling into disrepair. The client is a non-profit, community-focused organization that revitalizes distressed neighborhoods. The project is mixed-use at a modest scale in order to tie in cohesively to the existing mixed-use commercial buildings with first-floor storefront + second-floor residential.

Playing off the irregularly shaped corner lot, the building storefront skews to face S.E. 6th Street, then angles back to open up a green space in front of the shops that completes a walkable green corridor from the neighborhood on the west + the park to the east. The triangle green space in front of the building is a rain garden that patrons will walk through via small bridges in order to access the shops. Bold shifts between the levels in both materiality + form make a clear transition between a commercial node + the adjacent single-family homes.

The base of the building is two-sided commercial made up of traditional modular brick + storefront windows while the second story breaks to a modern residential palette of cement board + cedar siding with large, shared exterior roof decks looking back at the downtown skyline. Pedestrian corridors are inserted that make the neighborhood more walkable + connect existing green spaces. The project provides a spark to the commercial corridor by punctuating it with a strong + active node. The test of success lies in the near future where the storefronts down the street begin opening up again with a new generation of neighborhood shops.