As a result of the master planning efforts, the first step in the realization of the new campus vision is a new 54,000 gsf Industrial Technologies Building commissioned for a Community College, on their Peosta campus.

A unifying precept of the campus plan and the building design is the development of a pedestrian courtyard that employs the building as a mediator, between the vehicular activity and the pedestrian campus. The mass of the building is lightened by relegating the large shops to the lower level of the facility, minimizing the building’s footprint and significantly reducing circulation. The raw industrial aesthetic identifies the building’s purpose as an educational device. The character of the building is derived from the rural vernacular of the area, refined by juxtaposing weathering steel, exposed concrete and steel framing with delicate materials and rigorous detailing.

Lodged into the hillside, the lower level of the new facility houses a diesel shop for the servicing of full length tractor-trailers, and a 12 hoist automotive shop. While the internally insulated cast-in-place concrete plinth of the lower level provides a durable base, it sits in contrast to the upper level which consists of curtainwall and a light gauge metal framing system. The northern section of the upper level houses CNC machining, Welding and HVAC laboratories that are encased by corrugated metal siding that draws from the surrounding rural environment. The glazed southern half of the upper level consists of classrooms, offices and student lounge bathed in natural light. This glazed form serves as a beacon to the public, and appears as a floating lantern in the evening.