The Warren Opera House and Hetherington Blocks, which together form a discrete unit on the east side of Greenfield's courthouse square, stand as well-preserved examples of Iowa's commercial architecture from the late 19th century. The interior arrangement of the opera house block, featuring entertainment, commercial and residential space, was a characteristic typical of the state's small-town opera houses.

To meet the requirements of available grant funding, INVISION was asked to complete construction documents for this historic rehabilitation project under a very aggressive timeline. The project restored three buildings at a budgeted construction cost of $4.5 million following the Secretary of Interior's Standards for Historic Preservation. The rehabilitated facility provides an adaptable, multi-use home for arts and cultural activities, accessible to all.

The preservation of the Warren Cultural Center provided necessary rehabilitation to a city landmark, carefully honoring its rich history while rejuvenating it with new life, and the town with renewed pride.