Located on a tight, but well trafficked site on campus, this Student Recreation Center is an addition to an existing physical education and undersized student recreation building. The project creates an interior pedestrian highway on campus through a new free zone entrance that also serves as the main circulation artery within the building engaging students, public and the campus community. This connection celebrates recreational, social, and educational activities as many these programs are put on display.

More than a circulation path, the free zone is flooded with natural daylight and informal gathering spaces, encouraging social interactions between visitors. This was one of the primary goals for the facility, which supports mental, social, and physical well being of the campus community. The openness and volume allow for versatility of large group gatherings during special events and exciting interior views. From the free zone, students can traverse the building, accessing its many recreation and academic venues in an improved functional organization.

Sustainability was held at a high standard, as strategies were implemented during planning and construction including radiant heat and active chilled-beam cooling system, expanded solar panels, skylights for natural day lighting, and an existing pool converted into a massive rain water cistern providing water for flushing toilets and exterior irrigation. The project has achieved a LEED Platinum certification through these successful strategies, which contribute to the development of the campus community and the student experience.