The college of pharmacy is an urban campus surrounded by a large, densely built health center. The new building, while expanding the curriculum, is expected to increase the presence of the college in the community. In addition, a desire to create a distinct structure, one that is open and welcoming, strongly influenced building concept. Other considerations include site geometry, a need to expand campus green surface and the nature of the building program.

Administration, classrooms and laboratories are placed in a tower, while the auditorium and the library occupy the lower portions of the building. The tower marks the eastern entrance to the campus. It is highly visible from an important artery that runs through the heart of the city. The lower wing stretches along the newly created the campus quadrangle. The geometry of the building extends into the open spaces, shaping the surrounding landscape, pathways and artificial lighting pattern.

Building envelope is transparent, mullion-less membrane is composed of subtly modulated glass components - fritted, spandrel and vision glasses panels.