The 1,400-vehicle parking structure is sized and designed to meet the parking demand of the new office building, also designed by the architect. The structure is designed with a cast-in-place post- tensioned concrete frame and deck. The structure is built into the natural grade of the site to minimize the impact of the four level structure to not impede the view from central campus design, and provide accessible egress paths to grade from all levels.

The egress stairs emerge from the earth to provide clear access points for the pedestrians and to signify the main vehicular entrances. The expanded metal screen at the east loggia provides a visual and physical separation between the campus pedestrians and the vehicles hidden beyond. The expanded metal screen at the column locations were used to obscure the view of the structural elements in the main direction of travel along that facade and provide the required are flow for an open-parking garage.

Pre-cast concrete is used to shield the vehicles from the exterior and also to blend the structure into the campus environment.