This company, founded in Des Moines in 1998, operates an online benefits administration technology platform for U.S. and Canadian companies. In 2010, they moved its rapidly expanding business into the third floor of the 1970’s Ashworth Tower in West Des Moines, IA. Ashworth Tower (95,000sf on five floors) was a typical office tower of the times with a central elevator/mechanical/restroom core, surrounded by a rated corridor with the remainder divided into suites subdivided into private offices, conference, etc. Eventually this company expanded onto other floors as their business expanded. Then in 2016, they became the only tenant in the building.

The remodel was done in 4 phases. Phase 1 and 2 removed all interior walls/ceilings except core spaces and main mechanical feeds. Phase 3 removed all interior walls/ceilings except core spaces. In Phase 4, a portion of the exterior south wall was removed for a new client entrance. The parking lot was altered to include a turnaround and a cantilevered canopy was added at the south that allows visitors to drive under for drop-off. A smaller scale canopy was added at the north for the employee entrance. In addition to the steel canopies, the first two levels of the façade were reclad in steel and backlit perforated-CorTen to break up the monotonous rhythm of the existing façade and to contrast materials with the heavy brick and precast façade.