Constructed in 1905, the 27,000 square foot, multi-story Church stood as a symbol of fellowship and community in the heart of Kansas City's historic Westport neighborhood. In 2011, a catastrophic fire destroyed a majority of the church's roof, interior structure, and finishes, leaving only the exterior limestone shell. This original stone fa├žade was one of the most notable structures in Westport.

Rising from the ruins of the church is a new facility that embodies the mission of the church, creating a stronger community presence while acknowledging the church's tradition and rich history. The new church is delicately sited in and around the rough-cut stone walls, a complementary contrast to the original Romanesque Revival church. The project also restored the most significant pieces of the original church - the sanctuary building and tower.

The parti is organized around the historic tower, reimagined as a two-story volume with views of the sky through clerestory glazing. The strong, north-south axis becomes the communicating link between two distinct wings of the building: a worship wing that offers private programmed spaces for the congregation, and a fellowship wing that is more open to the community. The new spaces include a 150-seat sanctuary, 40-seat chapel, gathering space, fellowship room, 3,00 square foot multi-purpose room, administrative offices and office space, which will be leased to a local non-profit. In addition, a "storefront" space is located at street level, serving the community and allowing WPC to extend is ministry beyond the historic walls of the sanctuary.