FEH DESIGN has been working with Hempstead High School over the last several years to remodel and add-on to their existing facility. The newly expanded and remodeled facility has a refreshed identity that promotes pride among students and staff. This building has one of the highest vantage points within the City of Dubuque. The new east expansion captures those views and maximizes natural light using similar materials and rhythm as the original structure. This integration elevates the character and feel of the entire complex. The interior courtyard is energized through a playful stair and elevator addition opening upper and lower level dining facilities to each other.

Due to the need to keep the school in operation during construction, the projects are phased with great thought put into the sequence of the projects. The first phase included a new 715-seat auditorium, auxiliary gymnasium, co-enrollment nursing lab and new activity and student entrances. The auditorium and gymnasium included support spaces, classrooms, locker rooms, storage, offices, concessions and school pride store.

The second phase included the removal of the music spaces and old auditorium to make room for a two-story addition at the east to house administrative offices, classrooms, weight room, nurse areas, counselor space and a new day time entry that provides safe and secure access control, as well as, a new refreshed identity for the high school. The Commercial & Technical Education lab area was expanded and reconfigured to accommodate NICC co-enrollment programming and additional storage.

Completed in the fall of 2015, the third phase included a completed remodeling of the east and north wing of the school. Remodeling included science labs, classrooms, business offices, main competition gymnasium, locker rooms, wrestling room, IT and staff training spaces.

The overall goal of these phases was to enhance the learning environments for students and staff with flexible and long lasting materials, systems and design. This was accomplished through geothermal HVAC systems, increased natural light, acoustical strategies, enriched technology and safety & security strategies.