The new Career Academy is home to 23,000 square feet of vocational shops and classrooms. This project is the result of collaborative relationships between the Pella Community School District, local private schools, area industry, and a regional community college. These partnerships enhance STEM education within the district and will train students of all ages in skills that are sought in the local workforce.

This new building is sited immediately northwest of the existing high school. It is tucked into the hillside and is aligned to the existing topography, which significantly minimized earthwork costs. The exterior material palette consists of durable materials and references the brick found on adjacent structures.

A double height circulation spine organizes the building and features natural light and views across the adjacent grassy field. Classroom and double height shop spaces are accessed from this spine. All classroom and shop spaces are constructed of simple, durable materials that will stand up to heavy use. Each shop has direct access to the exterior and diffuse natural light permeates each space as well.