The project challenge was to create a relatively small addition for the existing College of Design facility at the University. The addition is intended to house the Core program and 2nd year students in the disciplines of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Interior Design. An open studio classroom environment facilitates interaction and exploration of ideas in an inter-disciplinary setting. One of the project’s main goals was to create a “living laboratory” that will demonstrate sustainability and sustainable design to the students learning in the facility.

The addition is organized as a simple 2-story form on the north side of the existing 6-story College of Design facility. Studios spaces are organized around a central core space that functions as flexible experimentation and meeting space. The core volume allows daylight to penetrate deep into the center of the building. Operable windows are organized to capture daylight into each studio classroom, connect occupants with the exterior environment, and are also used to naturally ventilate the building. A vegetated roof plan floats atop the Pavilion structure providing passive cooling, stormwater control, and a visual extension of the landscape.