DLR Group was attracted to the potential in this historic 1929 refurbished car dealership and showroom, as an integrated design firm whose mission is to elevate the human experience through design. Our design of the second story of this two-story building honors the historic context of the building while offering a dynamic workspace for employees that showcases the company’s culture and capabilities. Large windows on three of the four facades and three large skylights make natural light a key component of the design. The former showroom portion of the space in filled with light and serves as a multi-function area for welcoming clients, open meetings, and a gallery of the firm’s portfolio. A wall with a large window separates the more public “showroom” area from the more internally collaborative work area. The workspace plays off the available light with white walls and workstations and bright accents including purple, blue, and red. Collaboration is prioritized through an open seating system and multiple formal and informal gathering spaces ranging from small rooms for private meetings to large charrette spaces included an in-filled elevator shaft. Overlooking downtown Des Moines’ “Western Gateway” public garden and event area, DLR Group’s move to the center of a city in which they have been an integral part for decades allows a more direct experience of place for their employees and clients.