The Melson house, constructed from 1912-1914, was the first house in the Rock Crest Rock Glen neighborhood to be built on the south side of the development. It was built opposite the Blythe House, and dubbed “the castle” because of the textured stone façade, quarried from the site.

The Melson house is a two story ashlar structure set on a limestone cliff, overlooking the creek. The home is conceptually meant to appear as if it is literally growing out of it’s natural surroundings. The four corner piers and the poured concrete window mullions help to emphasize the vertical movement on the facade, straying from typical horizontal emphasis of the prairie style. Like many homes in the neighborhood, the Melson house is square in plan, with the exception of a protruding two car garage on the south side. The interior layout is open, with little addition of walls except to delineate service space.